Since its introduction inthe FS7 has become one of the most widely used cameras in a range of production applications, and the original model remains in the Sony line-up. The new FS7 II now gives creative professionals a broader range of creative tools, with new features all based on end user feedback. The new FS7 II camcorder is designed for long-form shooting and production applications, especially fordocumentaries and independent filmmaking.

A host of enhancements, from an all-new lens mount to world-leading Electronic Auto Variable ND system and enhanced ergonomics, transform the possibilities of what you can do. Shoot and move. Handheld, shoulder-mount or suspended from a gimbal. FS7 II delivers the spectacular imagery you expect from Sony. E mount flexibility extended E mount offers unsurpassed compatibility with both Sony and third-party lenses.

Simply put the lens in place and rotate the collar until it locks in place. A lens release lever provides added security. Some larger lenses may no longer need a rig, while on those occasions where a rig is used — the process of switching lens can be simplified to save time.

Whatever your lens requirements, FS7 II has you covered.

fs7 camera price

Shoulder mount comfort and control FS7 delivered a revolution in ergonomics, but Sony listened to cinematographers to make FS7 II even more comfortable to use, especially when operating for hours in the field. The number of assign buttons is increased from six to ten, all extra large, while the LCD monitor arm and mic holder can be swapped for left-eye shooting. The telescoping arm offers even more settings, allowing the camcorder to be mounted closer to your body and you no longer need a tool for adjustments.

You can be sure the remarkable Sony smart grip is always at hand with all the key controls at your fingertips.

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If your project plays at the cinematic 24 fps, you get beautiful 7. There's no sacrifice in bit depth and no "windowing" of the sensor.

So there's no crop factor, no loss in angle of view. So you can alter the narrative by selectively speeding up or slowing down the action. Record luxurious QFHD at Or take advantage of the superior grayscale rendition of bit High Definition, plus the uncompromised detail of colour — all at budget-friendly data rates of 50, 35 or even 25 Mbps in HD mode.

You can also record on-board 4K x at cinema standard 24p, FS7 II v1. Mass Approx. This also ensures an optimum motion delivery by maintaining desired shutter speed. The camera can compensate for exposure fluctuation caused by iris control while adjusting the depth of field. Users can adjust exposure while keeping the same bokeh in changing shooting or lighting environments. Preset mode lets users assign three ND settings to the filter turret, useful in selecting the most appropriate filtration range for changing light conditions, for example.

Auto ND mode is also available allowing exposure to stay at a fixed level while adjusting the depth of field with iris control. E-mount Lever Lock type for professional shooting The FS7 II revisited E-mount lever lock type gives users the ability to change lenses by rotating the locking collar rather than the lens itself, which means that in most cases lens support rigs don't need to be removed, saving time during a production.

The new E-Mount has been designed for demanding applications in the professional environment and will fit any existing E-mount lenses in the market and other mount lenses with an adapter. These new features are based customer feedback around the FS7.A specification list seemingly always comes first with a Sony large sensor camera; the FS and FS are…. The FS7 is a different beast, a shorter body, removable viewfinder and handle make it far easier to operate out of the box; Sony really listened to users with the need for ergonomics.

The shoulder pad was a great idea, but sits quite far back and lacks adjustment therefore is not ideal in many situations. The solution? Well there are a few, loads in fact considering the camera was only announced in September. Fresh out of the factory and boasting capability with pretty much every camera setup there is; the FS7 is no exception. A Zacuto Recoil Rig is built on a simple philosophy, balance.

Find the centre point your rig and sit it on your shoulder; Zacuto state this is nearly always where the lens meets the body.

Sony PXW-FS7 Camera

The only problem with a perfectly balanced with no counter balance weight system is quite often the camera sits back on your shoulder, meaning you have to reach back to make settings changes.

With the supplied FS7 handle, this is less of a problem. A Zacuto Z-Drive and Tornado relocates focus control also if you want to bring your left hand further down too. Wooden Camera has taken the more tripod approach to its accessories. A top cheeseplate offers a whole host of threaded mounting points for various accessories, including the existing handle if you require, or an improved rotating Wooden Camera option.

The top handle connects via popular Nato quick release, and offers cold shoe, 15mm and 19mm compatibility for accessories. The baseplate adheres to the Arri dovetail plate meaning compatibility with existing shoulder rigs etc. Lastly the Pro system from Wooden Camera takes advantage of two rear facing 15mm rod connectors on the baseplate, offering a battery plate to attach V-lock sized batteries.

Offering a baseplate with a nice shoulder pad, 15mm rods to the front and rear as well as a dropped down handle for the left hand side. The right side makes way for Sonys existing handle, offering a rosette to accommodate this. Shape has also developed a lightweight baseplate solution for the FS7. Movcam has become increasingly popular with their bespoke camera accessories. Notably their fantastic Sony A7S cage, which I myself own.

The Movcam FS7 rig benefits from a half cage style design, running up the back of the dumb side of the camera, offering a host of threads as it goes and protecting the EVF cable connection.

Arri rosettes can be found on both sides of the baseplate to accommodate the Sony FS7 handle. The half cage also providing one on the dumb side to enable a rear mounted handle setup. On the top, a 15mm rod connection point and rod adds some adjustment to the current FS7 viewfinder.

Lastly to mention is the neat little adjustable lens mount support. The baseplate takes the curved shape of the underside of the FS7. Like many here it offers dual 15mm rods up front and a rosette on either side for use with the FS7 handle and popular Vocas wooden ergonomic handles.

In order to keep the profile of the plate thin, rods do not pass through and instead a separate small module is used to connect 15mm rods at the rear. A top cheeseplate offers a wide variety of threaded mounting options, as well as inclusion of a heavyweight handleand 15mm rod support for existing EVF.

Expanding up from a baseplate across the front of the camera, serving as a front armour and offering many threads for mounting accessories. A top half cheeseplate does as many others in this list do, but rather than stretch the entire surface area of the top of the camera, the Tilta plate resides only around the sides meaning the top handle stays put.

A back top plate piggy backs existing mounting threads and hangs a battery plate down the back on the camera for V-Lock solutions. Like the Movcam, the Tilta rig also has an adjustable lens mount support, and also has the option to upgrade the system to accommodate larger 19mm rods.The introduction of the original Sony FS7 was a huge event.

Sony FS7 II hands-on — literally. Users report they find this feature handy and adds to the ergonomics of the camera. E-Mount is a great lens mount. Sony addressed both issues with the new E-Mount Lever Lock. This mount is ideal for cinema, large lens setups and also when the camera is on a tripod. Yes, there is innovation here and I applaud Sony for introducing this system, but as you will need an assistant to conveniently use this mount, most people will probably not find this update so welcome.

So you can see wether the camera is turned on. The Mark 1 required a screwdriver there.

fs7 camera price

The XQD cards now stick out 4. Improvements to the big viewfinder loupe. One of the two flimsy loupe attachments has been removed. They also added a nice foldable sunhood as an alternative to the loupe when using the LCD in sunlight. The LCD attachment was improved. Unfortunately, the rod is still too short for proper shoulder work with the big loupe.

For most other people who attended this Sony FS7 II hands-on session this was one of the more puzzling moves Sony has pulled off. I personally would go for the Mark 1, just because I think the Lever Lock is a big potential problem for my work as a single operator with this camera.

If you have any questions or thoughts, let us know in the comments. One must say that this is a manufacturer who takes user opinion seriously, and we honor that. We hope to see and we are sure to see more innovation on the next camera release. Sign up to our newsletter and we will give you just that.

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He is currently teaching film at Andrews University in the US. All categories. Software Update.

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Monitor News. Firmware Update. Lens News. Accessory Review. Light Review. Lens Review. My Account. Gear News Cameras. Share this article. Filter: all all Most reacted comment Hottest comment thread. Sort by: latest latest Oldest Most Voted. Load More Comments.Posted by Kim Moseman on December 12, In the constantly evolving video production industry, manufacturers are consistently putting out the latest tech to stay ahead of the curve and provide better quality.

Since Crews Control started back inwe have seen the industry change drastically and many cameras have come and gone. When looking at this data, we notice trends in what our video crews are purchasing and what our clients are asking for.

fs7 camera price

Here is the data from November You can see above that this camera holds the biggest percentage out of all of the cameras for last month. But was this always the case? Not a drastic change but an increase in this camera none the less. When we go back to our camera usage reports from previous years, like right before the PMW-FS7 came out, we can distinguish new patterns in camera demand and change within the industry. When the FS7 first came out, it was not 4K.

There was a firmware upgrade you could purchase to get to 4K starting in March Then 4K became standard in the model. The FS7 came out later that year, but it took a few years to get to that number one, most used spot in our reports.

Check out the video above to see what they said. The top 3 contenders have been:. Here are where each of these three cameras ranked on our camera usage reports for the last 5 years:. No camera is perfect when it is first released, so it can take a few years to iron out the kinks and reach peak demand. Even after the EX3 was discontinued init still ranked at 6th most popular this year.

High tech cameras such as these are usually good for a long time, unless the industry changes drastically. For DPs who are prefer the stability of traditional shoulder mounted cameras, the FS7 is easier to use.

In ? For the FS7 to get knocked out of its top position, video production styles would need to change in order to make what the FS7 offers obsolete or at least in less demand.

If the track record with the EX3 has shown us anything, its that a Sony camera has a pretty long shelf life and can continue to be in demand even when more advanced tech is available. How can Sony improve on this camera for their next model? A new 8K? Let us know what you think in the comments! A proud Seagull of Salisbury University where she studied Communication Arts with a focus in Journalism and Public Relations Kim brings her high energy and smooth yoga moves to the Crews Control family.

In her free time she can be found running- even though she hates it- spending time with her family and dog, and road-tripping around the country with her friends. Nice article about the rise of the FS7.Price Pledge ensures we won't be beaten on price!

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Lightweight ergonomic design and low power consumption ideal for one-man operation and lower investment costs The PXW-FS7 has a host of ergonomic design features including a grip design for easy handling and operability, and adjustable arm section. Using external RAW recorder images can be captured in 2K up to fp. Ergonomic grip design and adjustable arm and Viewfinder system The PXW-FS7 grip, designed for easy handling and operability, is the result of exhaustive consultation with videographers and cinematographers, as well as the production of various prototypes.

Sony FS7 II - Hands-On Review by Filmmaker Gautam Pandey

The shape supports long periods of camera use and flexibly accommodates subtle differences among various users' gripping styles. The angle of the grip can be easily adjusted with the press of a button. Another knob at the joint makes it easy to adjust the angle of the camera. So a user can choose a comfortable style that suits his or her physique and shooting position.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS7 Review

Easy settings during one-man operation The Peaking and Zebra function buttons and contrast knob are positioned on the side of the PXW-FS7 viewfinder for easy adjustment of focus, contrast and exposure.

Also, by turning a single knob, the position of the finder can be set, allowing for degrees of freedom.We may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy an item. This is how we make money. The FS7 is a mid-range model in the series, featuring a Despite that very reasonable price, no corners seem to have been cut in either design or manufacture. The FS7 has a strong all-metal body finished in an attractive brushed texture, and is available in black, bright pink or the plain silver shown here.

It is a very small and lightweight camera, comfortably into ultra-compact territory. It measures 97 x The body design follows the usual styling cues of the Lumix range, with rounded corners, chrome details and a vaguely art-deco classic look.

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The control layout is simple and traditional, and although the buttons are quite small they are clearly labelled and operate with a nice positive click. The top plate carries a rotary bezel zoom control and slider power switch, as well as a dedicated button to activate the Intelligent Auto mode. The back panel has a normal five-button D-pad, buttons for mode selection, display and the quick menu, as well as a slider switch for shooting and playback mode.

There is a small textured area to serve as a thumb grip, and despite its small size the camera handles well and feels comfortable and secure in the hand. The zoom control is especially nice, with a very responsive slow-start progressive action that makes it easy to precisely frame shots.

The Rise of the FS7: A Look Back at Our Camera Usage Reports

The 2. It also has automatic brightness adjustment, and although it does have a highly reflective surface it is quite easy to see even in bright sunlight. The FS7 has two menu systems, a quick menu that allows rapid adjustment of commonly-used shooting settings such as drive mode, AF mode, white balance, ISO and picture quality, as well as image stabilisation mode and LCD viewing mode. These are duplicated in the main menu, along with a brief list of other options including colour mode and digital zoom.

As usual the menus are clear and easy to read, and the controls are quick and responsive. It starts up in a little over two seconds, and shuts down again in about the same, which is about average for a camera in this class.

Shot-to-shot time in single shot mode and maximum picture quality is two seconds, which is also about average, but in continuous shooting mode it can manage an average of 1. It also has a three-shot burst mode which is faster still at 2fps. The autofocus system is very good, finding focus quickly and accurately in almost all lighting conditions. Low light performance is excellent, with a good AF assist lamp helping it to focus even in total darkness to a range of several metres.

The only time it has a bit of a problem is when trying to focus in low light at maximum zoom, although to be fair most cameras have difficulty focusing under those conditions. Overall image quality is also excellent. Exposure and colour reproduction are spot on, and auto white balance is reliably accurate. The lens is superb, with excellent sharpness even in the corners of the frame, and there is virtually no distortion at any focal length.Use our knowledge, experience and expertise and win big.

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