Instagram Stories are a great way to interact with your audience on Instagram. In fact, in late more than million people watched Instagram Stories daily. Be sure to check out my free 7-day Instagram course. Using location markers in your Stories is huge. Obviously, Instagram wants to push new features and rewards better views and rankings for the accounts to help their new features be accepted by the community.

Getting someone to do something for you makes them like you more and increases the chance of them doing something more for you in the future psychology. After the big algorithm changes in late more people have reached out to me about the declined engagement rate.

Having a direct message communication with someone is a very strong signal to Instagram. Therefore, ask people to send you a message. Increasing your engagement rate is one thing, but you should also be genuinely interested in having real relationships with your followers and customers. So every time you post something, they will receive a notification. This increases the amount of likes and comments you receive.

On the other hand, this depends on your niche a little bit as well. In some cases you might not want to come off as lazy and moody. For example from fitness coaches I expect constant energy and motivation. To become a opinion leader you need to develop an opinion on things. There will always be people who dislike you no matter what you do.

People who agree with you will respect you even more for stating your views. Doing teasers for your upcoming launch is a great way to warm up your audience. I would use both video and photo posts. You can do really funny things with just using stickers in Instagram Stories. For example, think about doing funfridays. Be very clear about the value and benefit of the service. They just need to convey the message and have a strong call to action. Of course you can be creative and drive traffic to your product page, giveaways etc.

If you want to spice it up a notch, then hire a designer or editor to add some animation to the swipe up arrow. This will make it more prominent and increases the swipe rate.

Take a screenshot of your feed, blur out your latest posts and save that image to your story. Add yourusername with a call to action to visit your profile to see your latest post.

This way people can click on your username and be redirected to your profile. Almost everybody and their dog is posting quite generic videos and photos to their Stories. It requires certain skills your time or money to outsource it. His Stories are truly epic.

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Also, there are a lot of different free apps you can use for simple video editing on your phone. So shoot videos and photos with your phone-s camera.

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Use the time while commuting not while driving yourself to add the best of these clips to your video timeline and add music. You can use Adobe SparkCanvaDesign Wizard or Easil to create awesome graphics for your account and also design quotes for Stories. A photo with text does the job just as well. One of the best ways of doing this is showing screenshots of the actual feedback.

This makes it look authentic.Instagram Stories has fundamentally changed the way people use Instagram as a whole. Both individuals and brands are breaking down the barriers of beautifully curated feeds to share more off-the-cuff and behind-the-scenes content through Instagram Stories. That attention also comes with intention as one in four Generation Y and Z shoppers look through Instagram Stories of products and services before purchasing, according to Vidmob.

But with this influx of Instagram Stories viewers and creators, along with the introduction of IGTVcreativity has never been more important. To help you raise your game, we wanted to share some of our best Instagram Story ideas, tips, and tricks with step-by-step tutorials to help you impress your followers and keep them coming back for more.

But with a bit of curation and planning, you can produce standout Instagram Stories that are worthy of pinning to your profile as a Highlight. A free workshop with field-tested Instagram marketing tips. Learn how to grow your Instagram audience and monetize it with an online store. To add flashes of color to your Instagram Stories text, you can use rainbow or ombre letters to make your captions stand out. There may be times when you want to notify your followers that you have posted something new to your grid by sharing your post to your Instagram Stories.

But the default background color for it might not be what you had in mind. This might take a little bit more time but decorating your Instagram Story with the individual letters of a caption adds an additional flair that will help you stand out. Show your personality by writing part of your caption with your own handwriting and mixing it with a complementary font for the rest of the text.

Create a unique background and get your message across with this text-based backdrop Instagram Story idea. Learn more: Find out how to use Instagram hashtags for your business by visiting shopify. Give your Instagram Story a scrapbook look by using this idea to create a collage and share multiple images at once iPhone only. Add a little bit of mystique or unveil an exciting surprise for your followers by using the eraser tool to showcase the most important part of your Instagram Story.

You can bring more attention to the main subject of your story with dotted lines. With these tips and tricks now at your disposal, go ahead and experiment to bring your own style to your Instagram Stories. Instagram is all about creativity and play so try out new designs, keep tabs on your Instagram Analytics, and post consistently to share your story as Instagram Stories. Shuang is a storyteller at Shopify, fascinated by how change is created through commerce.

Get free online marketing tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox. In the meantime, start building your store with a free day trial of Shopify. Email address. Your store name. Create your store. Opens in a new window Opens an external site Opens an external site in a new window. Rule of Thirds: This classic theory suggests dividing photos into 9 equal quadrants as a guide to place the main subject not directly centered but within the right or left third.

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To hone this rule, try shooting photos on your phone with the "grid lines" setting on. Once you are acquaintanced with where to place your subject, feel free to break this rule by testing out how you like to frame your vertical photos for Instagram Stories. Lighting: Before sourcing lighting equipment, first master natural lighting by placing your subject in front, to the side of, and behind your light source.

Seeing how lighting affects your photos allows you to experiment with shadows, glares, and additional light sources. Cropping: Uploading a pre-shot photo into Instagram Stories often makes it less sharp and resizes it to To combat this, edit your photos beforehand to a aspect ratio before uploading them to Instagram photos.Over 2 million advertisers are on Instagram, and the highest area for growth is video.

You just need to find ways to engage people. These Instagram ideas will help you connect with your audience in authentic, meaningful ways. So without further ado, here are 15 Instagram ideas to inspire you to make incredible Instagram videos.

Instagram Stories are a great way to connect with audiences on a daily basis. However, daily original content takes a lot of planning — even if just to look spontaneous!

There are many ways to produce stories, but a good place to start is with basic sequences that introduce your brand and what you do. One of the best features of Instagram Stories is the ability to save your story sequence. Followers can visit these slideshows at the top of your profile whenever they want. A branded introduction, like this one from ArtsyCity, is a great way to inform a new visitor about what you do.

Perhaps that person saw an ad or came across your page from the Explore tab. You can also introduce any branded hashtags you may have. Using a branded hashtag will make content about your brand more visible to people searching for it. Instagram Stories and saved Stories are perfect placements for product tutorials.

Tutorials provide an up-close look at the packaging, colors, and sizes of the product, as well as handy tips and tricks for use. The tutorial is more informative than a simple product photo because it shows how the blush looks on skin and the differences between the various shades.

Want to show off your brand personality, your amazing team members, and your production process? Make a behind-the-scenes video. Lush Cosmeticswhich is known for its trendy and colorful bath bombs, created this BTS video for Easter.

They provide details about ingredients, such as how much glitter goes into each bath bomb, assuring the quality of the products.

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To do a takeover, hand the camera over to an interesting individual who represents your brand values. This person can be an employee, friend, influencer, or all of the above.

When you partner with an influencer for an account takeover, the partnership can result in a mutually beneficial source of exposure. Sweetgreen partners with influencers in the fitness industry to promote their salads as part of the overall health and wellness trend. This helps them find likeminded customers and engage their existing audience. By doing account takeovers on certain days or having a theme with a hashtag of course!

Captions are essential for some Instagram videos, since people often scroll through Instagram without sound.

instagram stories ideas

For caption text, Instagram Stories has several fonts to choose from, but you can also post photos of text, or use a template with text fields included.

REI uses a template to do its weekly roundup of blog posts. The branded template makes it really easy for the company to produce fantastic-looking slideshows week after week.

It creates consistency across your social posts. When you incorporate thoughtful design, people will recognize and remember your brand. A few of the tactics in this article fall under the design umbrella, including text overlays, slideshows, and stop motion animation. In the context of social video, successful design is a combination of visual and aesthetic adjustments you make to create more distinct content.

Here are a few examples of design techniques you can use for your next Instagram video:. A recent video by Skillshare includes almost all of the above to celebrate surpassing K followers. A post shared by Skillshare skillshare.Animoto Blog.

More and more brands and businesses are finding success with Instagram Stories. According to Instagram96 percent of marketers in the U. And half of businesses worldwide are already creating at least one Story a month. Got something new in the works? Check out this short clip from the Album Preview template. This example illustrates how a wedding photographer might use Stories to provide a sneak peek of a wedding shoot.

However, you could use this Instagram Stories idea for your fashion brand or other industry, too. Posting something new to your Instagram Feed? Share a teaser in your Instagram Stories to let people know. Our New Post Teaser template is designed just for this type of Story. Drop your own content into the circle and update with your brand colors and the font of your choice.

Not sure about the differences between the Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories? Check it out here. Try coming up with a regular series of videos that you can share to Instagram Stories on a weekly basis. This is a nice way to hold yourself accountable for creating Stories regularly. Sharing Stories on a regular basis helps keep your brand top of mind for your followers.

23 Instagram Story ideas to help you win engagement

Need some ideas? Here are a few for inspiration:. Our new Weekly Series templates are designed to be flexible. Start by changing the aspect ratio to vertical to share on your Stories, then add in your content. If you want a quick and simple post, try posting a few recommendations for products or services your audience might want to know about. The Suggested Reading List template below offers an easy-to-adapt post for almost any list of recommendations.

If you sell a seasonal product, try creating an Instagram Story video to showcase your latest collection. Our Collection Launch template shows how a fashion designer might approach a new collection launch on IG Stories.

Giveaways are a simple way to boost your signal. Get the word out about your latest giveaway with an eye-catching promo.

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The video below was created in seconds by converting our Giveaway Offer template to a vertical aspect ratio. Give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at what you do.

Show off your workspace or studio, share how something is made, or give customers another glimpse into how you run your brand. Looking to spark engagement? Then, use subsequent Stories to answer the questions you receive. You can learn more about how to post questions in our article on how to ask questions on Instagram Story posts.

Highlighting your customers is a fun way to make them feel special, and to encourage engagement. Not only will more customers start tagging you for a chance to be featured, but featured customers will be likely to share your Stories with their followers too. Teach a skill or educate your audience. Share your industry expertise with a quick how-to or listicle. Not sure what to teach? Ask your audience!To grow your influence on Instagram and to stand out, you need to consistently share content that is high-quality and fits with your brand style and brand voice.

Pstttt… Want to skip to the best content idea for you? For example, are you a Beauty Blogger? Eyebrows are life! Share your tips on how to use your favourite products, whatever they may be, to engage with your audience on a helpful level. Did you know that exercise can have a massive effect on our brains? Just 30 mins a day can improve cognitive function, lower anxiety levels, increase memory capability AND boost your mood, yeow!

Technology is fast becoming a huge part of our lives, and for most people, it means more time spent in front of a screen. Set a great example and motivate others to make it part of a daily routine. Instagram is primarily about a lifestyle so choose a location that made you happy.

Ocean images are renown for being popular for engagement! Over 2M brands already use our all-in-one creation, scheduling and publishing tool for posts AND stories! Try a photograph of your desk with a positive caption could help your followers hate Mondays a little less.

Share what product is getting you so excited. Would you like a Plannocolada? Design a cocktail or drink! Always check your lighting when taking indoor shots. Psst, not the right fit for your Instagram feed? What about a boomerang announcing the end of week celebrations. Flowers are known to freshen up any feed, grab a posy, hold it against a backdrop and get snapping. Play with nail color, arm, and hand accessories and break through your roadblock with a bit of creativity.

The creators of the product may even get in touch to offer you something to say thanks — hint hint. Tag us with plannthat so we can take part in your conversation! Showcase someone who you admire, post an image of their work and describe why they light you up from the inside! Great for building strong relationships or getting in front of new people.

Trawling Pinterest and been inspired to make something yourself? You might need to give yourself a Pinterest curfew for this one otherwise you could keep scrolling all day! Is there a quote you always say? Pull out the pens and paper, or jump onto Canva you can do this without even leaving the Plann app thanks to our integration!

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How do you start your Sunday? Do you sleep in until 11 AM? Do you get up early for a jog at 6? Or do you wake up at 7 but stay in bed reading or catching up with your favorite Netflix series while drinking coffee?They take minutes to make, boost brand recognition, and their impermanent nature allows you to experiment with different marketing strategies for free.

Instagram Stories are also more popular than ever. Despite their accessible nature, picking the right Instagram Story for your business can feel like a shot in the dark.

Score engagement by asking your audience questions that relate to your business. You can literally ask anything. Add an answer sticker to your stories where your audience can submit their replies. Drive engagement and give people what they want. If you want to guide your viewers on the answer front, try doing a poll or a quiz instead of asking an open-ended question.

Stickers can help you with this. Engage your viewers with a multiple-choice answer like the example below. This allows people to engage with your post with the click of a button rather than typing a response. A sliding react with a heart-eyes emoji, of course is equally simple and effective when posting something deserving of hype.

Even if that something is your restocked cookie jar. Get found on Instagram by adding a location sticker. Fingers crossed you draw in some viewers from the Instagram feed. Quotes are short, sharp, and most importantly shareable. Motivational, interesting, inspiring, funny, relevant to your business, or just about anything else.

Scour the web for a quote that takes your fancy, make sure it fits your brand, then copy and paste it into your Instagram Story. If you want something eye-catching, we have a slew of quote templates available for you to use for your next Story. The following Story ideas are dynamite for helping you sell more and boost your business presence on Instagram. Promoting your product or service through an Instagram Story is a surefire way to generate hype and increase brand recognition — it allows you to market to your followers without having to shell out cash for ads.

Use product stickers to take your audience through to a purchase page. Excite your followers by giving a sneak-peek at an upcoming product launch. Not only will this help generate hype before your release, but giving people early access to info is yet another reason for viewers to hit the follow button.

Everyone loves a good countdown. Tick tock. Show off your latest Instagram posts and blog articles by running a snappy promo video as a Story.

You can also shell out a few dollars to run it as a targeted ad and rake in more viewers and hopefully more followers! If you share a similar audience demographic with another brand on Instagram, try building out your community by featuring that brand. If you can organize a cross-promotion with the other brand, you and your audience are both set to win big. Everyone loves a success story. This could be as simple as posting video testimonials from your customers, or using Instagram Stories as a platform to publish bite-sized case studies.

Before and after shots, like the ones below, are also sure-fire winners. Contests are a great way to drive engagement. Ask followers to either comment on your story, publish their own story and tag your account, or like your most recent post. Make sure you keep an eye on your notifications and pick a winner within 24 hours.

There are apps out there that can pick a winner for you. You can record your screen when using these apps that determine the winner, and share the video as a story and tag the winner!

Everyone loves a peek behind the curtain.

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How do you make your product?Soon after the release, in AugustInstagram Stories grew into a massive Social Media phenomenon.

The Stories helped Instagram outran SnapChat with a bigger number of videos uploaded per day and gain more users than ever before. Instagram has actually reported that Stories have encouraged users to stay on the platform longer and visit it more frequently. This feature revitalized Instagram and brands were quick to adopt it.

Because Instagram stories are a simple way for brands to offer unique and cool brand experiences on one of the most loved Social Media platforms on Earth.

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Nike I hope you will feel inspired and set out to create your own story confidently using our Instagram story maker. You can find them listed below and choose any one of them. You can either customize them by adding your logo, or call to action, or you can use one as a starting point for something that you already have in mind.

To stand out from the crowd. Jamie Oliver, one of the most famous chefs in the world, posts recipes on Instagram on a regular basis. So, follow him and learn from the best. Got some Story ideas already? Start with these creative Instagram Stories templates below. Keep the background images or change them, you choose.

Use text animation effects to make the Story come alive. Slide down, up, left, right, bounce your text. You can keep people interested in your brand by posting sneak peek Instagram Stories before you release a product or project. A glimpse into their back studio and a list of the eco fabrics they used for the collection are enough to make us curious and hunger for more.

The brand is king not only when it comes to cool sneakers but also when they have to advertise their products and engage the people. This time, they created this massive campaign that took place in 6 big cities around the world.

They set out to find the next sneakers designer and Air Max model. The contest was open for everyone living in one of the 6 cities and